follow the links below to a wide range of useful resources for legal studies:

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Educational Website

A wealthof resources and links to other sites.


Follow this link to AustLII, the Australasian Legal Information Institute for all state and Commonwealth Acts, Regulations and significant court cases.

Commonwealth links

Links to key websites dealing with national government and lawmaking

Courts of Australia

Lawlink is a site hosted by the Attorney General's Department of New South Wales. From this link you can directly access the websites of the courts of all states and the Commonwealth.

Australian Electoral Commission

Structural information about elections in Australia and statistics of recent elections.

State and Territory electoral offices

Family Court

Step by Step Guide to Proceedings including counselling and mediation services


A United States Index of law-related sites.


Described as a “rich array of links to South Australian law resources arranged by jurisdiction, topic and source material with some original commentary. Intended for both the legal profession and the public.” 

It is the largest free legal information website in Australia.  There are editions for each State. 

It is the quickest way to access common legislation on ComLaw.   

It is the easiest way to search AustLII as we use a search form rather than Boolean Searching

the Law Report - on ABC Radio; Listen to the broadcasts after they have been aired (on Tuesdays at 8:30 am and repeated Wednesdays at 12:30 am.)


Youth & the Law Site - A State by State summary of laws pertaining to juveniles.

Emory Law School - Law by country - Other Countries

An alphabetical index by Country of International law-related links.

Parliaments of Australia

Each state has its own parliament website with information about the houses, elected members, legislation and the history and operation o the Parliament and Government. Of particular value for students, each also has an "education" or "for schools" section. Click on the snapshot of each website to open it.

Police News interesting and useful information about current policing news and activities.

South Australian Links

Links to Courts, parliament, government and legal agencies in SA:

State and territory Governments

Links to State and Territory government agencies, on-line services and directories

Window on the Law

Information on the Australian Legal System, Attorney-General's Department, Search site for Australian laws.

Yahoo Law - Search Engine

Yahoo allows specific search of Australian legal information sites.