Commonwealth Links


Parliament of Australia Links from the front page take you to the House of Reps website, the Senate, Bills before the House, education and information and research (which is particularly useful, e.g. you can read things such as explanatory memoranda, and 2nd Reading Speeches for current bills)
The Parliamentary Education Office


Resources & support related to Australian Government issues.

Australian Government's Entry Point

These are general sites for researching the Australian government on the Internet and provide a starting place for researchers in this field. They provide a diverse range of information on Australian government resources as well as providing links to other useful sites.

High Court of Australia

The section "about the court" is useful for students with sections on it's role, history and operation

Australian Law Online


Is provided by the Australian Government to give all Australians access to Government legal information and services available nationwide. To access Commonwealth, State and Territory government legal information, use the navigation bar on the left of the page, or click on the relevant state in the map of Australia below.


Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions

Information site for the Federal DPP (Little value for students)